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Le Procope Lounge

Le Procope Lounge is located at the intersection of Chengde Street and Shandong Road in Heping District,Tianjin.

It stands behind an unremarkable high gray gate, while imposing and impressive when you notice it through the gate.

When you enter it, you will be soaked in the smell of the Single Malt and the original notions of its interior design.The interior architecture is with bare bricks and steel,and the interior decoration with antique furniture and modern articles.You will be beguiled by its more than ten meters high loft,rarely seen in the city till now.The ten-meter-high wall is patinted like sky by hand.On the wall hangs a hand-made clock with a diameter near one meter.Most eye-catching is the Lounge more lovely.The semi-opened small room,the couch,the pointed skylight and skylight and Eiffel-Tower-like terrace chimney,all these interesting and leisurely elments are worth trying.

The soothing and exquisite music,floating with the animation projected on the hand-painted wall,is selected elaborately by Procope for its friends.Procope for its friends.Procope emphasizes music.To celebrate the opening,Procope invites Mr.Hong Liang,the musician of French cabaret song and spokesperson in China for HOHNIR,a Germany instrument brand,to start the opening in the evening.when choosing the music to play,Procope also give its support to the origial music of the young.

In Tianjin,Procope is the first also the only Single Malt lounge that appears on Timeout,one of the worldwild first-class magazines on city life.

Here you can taste the first also the Single Malt Wiskys from different parts of the world.One thing to be mentioned is that Procope providees special ice cube,which not only help to provent the rapid temperature decrease of the wisky,but also attribute to the senses of sight and taste.

Besides the Single walt,Procope also provides imported beers from different countries.Cocktails,whose names on the list are quite intriguing,are another special.In addition,here you can find top wines,such as Australia super star Penfolds,Grange and the like.Ruby wines lying on the transparent cabinet add a tinge of romance to Procope.

A place for romance and laze:" I am Procope Lounge,not a bar for slow rock and hip-hop,but your the most romantic lover in this city."


Business Hours: 20:00 PM - 3:00 Midnight
Reservation phone: 15122280111
Tel: 27119858 8206

  • No.82,Yingkou Road,HePing
  • District,TianJin,China
  • 022-27112999
  • 022-83213555

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